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Three reasons to stress test the system

Eighteen months ago I sprained my ankle before a big race in Antarctica.  I healed it enough to make it through the race.  It took a bunch of rehab through 2017 and was aggravated again in Patagonia in the fall and this spring in Vancouver.
As I start my 2018 journey in less than a week…Baby girl Nanka joining the world, I am focused on long-term rehab and healing this nagging injury.
As I gingerly and proactively stretch the tendons, my trainer explained to me when you went over on it last year you applied at least 2-3 times your body weight of force. 
You need to build it back up to withstand competitive stress.
Is there something in your game that needs stress testing?
Three things I am focused on:
  • Strengthen the tendons
  • Stretch and stress the tendons 
  • Rest and let the body repair

Always be strengthening the foundation.



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