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I struggled to get my work out in, here is why

I remember the founder of a running store in Canada coming to our University in my second year. He was a graduate and shared his stories from his running career and how he was building this business.

One thing he said about preparing for workouts really stuck. He put all his workout gear with his water bottle next to the door so it was easier to get ready to workout and gave him fewer reasons not to go.

In addition, the deal he made with himself was if 10 min into a workout he wasn’t down for it, he had permission to pack it in. He focused on mentally agreeing to that first 10 min. I took that lesson forward in my life with great success.

Last long weekend, I really procrastinated on getting my workout in. I reminded myself of this approach and went downstairs with a stretching and warm-up commitment for 10-20 min and a stretch goal of a bigger workout.

What did I end up with?

A really strong 💪 hour workout and a reminder of just getting yourself out the door is half the battle. I also tapped into that inner creative intelligence for some personal projects that only comes with sweating!

Can you agree to 10 minutes tomorrow?



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