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7 days of Tess

Wow, what a difference a week makes. 

For those of you who haven’t seen the IG Posts, we welcomed a healthy bouncing baby girl into the world last weekend, Tess Gertie Nanka. 

I decided (or so it happened) to wait until a little bit later in life to get married and have a child. 

I was still learning about myself (and always will be). I’ve been on a journey to see the world, test myself, meet and learn from incredible people. 

I’ve always wanted to be ready. I guess you become ready when it happens. 

As I turn 44 this year, I have never been more ready. If not now, when?

There is a new layer of accountability that has snapped in, to do what is necessary to make sure she is happy. 

Who knew one of my new favorite activities would be to just watch her sleep. 

A new journey is upon us. It doesn’t mean the other will stop, it’s just on hiatus for a little while until they come together as one. 

The journey is the reward.


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