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Are you slow twitch or fast twitch?

When you sprint like Usain Bolt you use fast twitch muscles. When you run slower like a marathon runner, you are using slow twitch muscles.

Similar in business, I find there are people whose first instinct is to act (fast twitch) and others first instinct is to think and plan (slow twitch).

Either method can work, and as people grow in professional maturity, a couple things I see.

The fast twitch professionals are poised for action and if they stopped to take a breath and did a little more thinking and planning, their action-oriented style would increase in effectiveness.

The slow twitch professionals are thoughtful and look for obstacles and if they leaned to action and let themselves be a little more uncomfortable as they stepped forward, they too would be more effective.

Whichever way you twitch, get planning or get moving today!



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