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Three things I learned from

 When one door closes….create a new door.
In this great Super Soul Sunday Oprah + interview you will hear about the future of social media and artificial intelligence and why Will considers himself a technologist and not a musician. “I create music but prefer to be in technology instead of the music industry.” Perhaps the amount of time he has spent with our own Marc Benioff has influenced him!
Will refers to many times in his career when one door closed, instead of brooding about a lost opportunity he focused on creating new ones.
Will shares “hip-hop and Jazz were created from a community who had nothing at the time and made there own way.  Without them, we would not have this wonderful music.”
What did I take away from this great episode?
1. Make your own luck 
2. Appreciate the time when you struggle, it can be your greatest turning point
3. Break the mold – you can be a musician, technologist, philanthropist all at the same time, or whatever unique characteristics describes each of us.
Create your own door today!


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