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10 minutes of this per day will make you better

As I heard Tony Robbins say recently, “the mind is like a kite on the end of a string, and where everything starts is with breath. Control your breathing, you control how the kite flies.”

We wake up each day, with the chance to start fresh, through your first few breaths.

Be intentional about how you start it, instead of letting it happen to you!

The holiday (Canada Day and Independence Day!) week is a good time to reflect.

Even if you have a family, what you do for yourself impacts how you can support the rest of the team.

As they say in case of emergency, “put your own oxygen mask on first!”

I spend the first 20-30 min of each day meditating.

Successful people I know spend at least 10 min asking themselves questions related to gratitude or visualizing what success will look like in the day.

Whatever your method, make sure you are taking care of yourself first!


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