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Is your smallest gear spinning?

I was listening to a great Gary V podcast with the former CEO of Home Depot Frank Blake last week and they discussed among many items including where leaders make mistakes in communication. 

As Frank says “Your Job is to make sure the smallest gear is moving and the one that is closest to the customer.”
In many organizations that is your sales team and customer service organization.  
Think about the gears on a large clock tower and how they spin, the biggest moves slow and as they get smaller, they spin faster. 
If any gear is not catching (the messaging) of the one above, they are out of sync and the customer suffers. 
Summarizing “many CEOs put out too many ideas and have not confirmed the field gets it before they move to the next.”
This applies to peer and business partner relationship as well. 
If your gear is spinning but smaller not catching, then you are failing. 
Confirm you are in sync this week. 

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