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Three Ways Focusing On Mindset Makes You Win

I remember the time specifically when I realized I could be better than I was.  It was grade 9 and I was running in the 800 M Track & Field City Semi-Finals.  I always competed but was never relevant in placing.
I for once took our coaches advice about visualizing the outcome and playing it in my mind the night before. It was on the 3rd turn with 200 M left that I felt I may have some gas left in the tank and could pass other runners.  Let me be clear, I was not up all night thinking about it.  It was 10 min.
Wouldn’t you know it, on race day at the 600 M mark, like a birdie sitting on my shoulder, I had a nudge to run as hard as possible to the finish. I remembered seeing the way to the finish.  The 800 M is often a big lumpy crowd of 10-15 runners.  I was in the last 3rd and I shot myself up into 4th place and passed a friend who ALWAYS beat me.  He was surprised, so was I.  I never lost to him again.
Up until that point, I didn’t believe in myself.  I had not seen it happen, I had not experienced it.  From that point on, I got better every year.
1. Visualizing
Imagining your way before it happens, gives mental breadcrumbs to follow.
2. Positive self-talk 
Strong, Relaxed and Grateful was something I said to myself much later in life when I gutted my way through a very challenging day in an Ultra race.  If I had that mantra 20 years before, it would have made a huge difference.
3. Gratitude 
Be kind to yourself when things don’t go your way. Make small incremental improvements and learn from mini-failures and be grateful for the lessons that lead to long-term success and fulfillment.

Find your corner in the next race you run.


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