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It took me 20K hours

There was a time in my life I didn’t read much or focus on learning. My 10K hours was spent trying to find shortcuts in life. I was smart of enough to get by, get good enough marks and do a good enough job…until I wasn’t.

That’s when the next 10K hours began. It was slow at first, I had some small wins and of course many failures along the way. I had to decide if being Average was good enough for me. There was a lot of work below the water line, and finally, some ice started to shine through the top.

I remember about the time I decided it wasn’t. I adopted “the hard way is the easy way as one of my mantras.”  I said yes to everything hard, gave every ounce of effort I had for an entire year. To see what was possible.

I found out a lot.

It starts with intent. A new season, a new year is coming round the corner.

I’ll be writing this year about “Defeating the Average” within.

What’s one small thing you can do to gain momentum on your next 10K hour journey, today?

What’s one big thing you can commit to starting this week?


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