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Why you could be wild for Wanaka

Everyone needs to recharge and restore.

I’ve stared 1,000 miles into the abyss of some incredible places. Four incredible deserts, three magnificent mountain ranges and across the blue ice of the last continent, Antarctica.

We have seen (and still are on the road!) and experienced some amazing food, culture, wine, and people.

New Zealand is absolutely spectacular.

Don’t get me wrong, Australia has been a blast. Beautiful sights, people, beaches, sun, food and of course toasted banana bread!

There were three times I stopped and just stared in disbelief at the beauty around us and smelled and absorbed as much of it as possible. I could feel a restoration filling my body. Queenstown, Milford Sound, and Wanaka.

I grew up near the snow-covered hills, alpine, and mountains, those type of places will always be my place to restore.

Blake and I sat at a winery and stared across the crystal blue lake to the green mountains in Wanaka and both said this is one of the most beautiful places we had ever seen.

It may be across the world and closer to Antarctica and then to us but we’ll be back and take Tess to put her toes in the water again.


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