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Thank You For Showing Up

Your pursuit may be individual but how you get there always has roots in a team.

In my 1st year at Salesforce, we had a bunch of like-minded sales guys and gals who did a lot together. Worked hard, sold software had fun and found time to give back to our community.

One thing we also did together that summer was meet one to two times per week at 6 am in a local park for a workout. Our friend Paul played high-level basketball and he ran us through some paces he did in his camps.

Push ups, sit ups, carry bricks up and down hills and line runs. We were exhausted every time! We were also building the blocks or bricks of accountability. Just making that mental decision to get out of bed after 5 am to make it on time built our mental muscle.

Once we were there, we always had a blast…and grabbed breakfast together after with a lot of laughs.

We had many reasons not get out of bed or show up AND on most days we had 9-10 strong-willed reasons (with tired eyes and big smiles) to make sure we did.

How do you show up when you need to?

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