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10 Tactics to Better Manage Your Energy and Time 

On Monday I talked about better managing your energy. 

Below are my top 10 Tactical Ways I manage Energy and Time

“Einstein is reported to have said that if he only had one hour to solve a problem he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and the remaining 5 minutes solving it routinely.”

  1. Each Saturday morning for an HOUR (it’s a time I tend to be freshest) I re-organize my calendar for the next weeks ahead and ask myself: 
    • Does this meeting serve my top 5 priorities this month, my team (direct team, boss and partner teams)? 
    • How many mentor meetings do I have in the calendar? Optimal 2 per week. 
    • How many peer collaboration meetings that provide me inspiration? Optimal 2-3 per week 
  2. I write a Focus for the week email to my team outlining our top 4-5 priorities for the week. They tell me it helps keep them on track and is a check for me against my responsibilities as a team leader. 
  3. I put my own oxygen mask on first. Starting with the night before – I check email between 8-10pm, after my morning routine (meditation, gratified and morning workout), Noon, 3 pm and 530pm. I drive my agenda, my email does not drive me! 
  4. I have learned how to gracefully say “no” to relevant but not high priorities for my week.
  5. I have learned to leave elasticity in my days and week, for fires that are likely to come up. Nothing worse than zero time in the calendar to address something from your boss that is critical. 
  6. Know what meetings you will move if something does come up. Take the thinking out of it on a stressful day 
  7. I book slots “do not book” to give me time to think and to get good quality work done. A recommendation by the former President of Linked in  
  8. Write down two things you are grateful for at the end of each day PLUS one thing you could have improved. This gives you perspective. 
  9. Use Google Scheduler for email (or similar app) to handle emails you are ripping through to send them out at the time that is best for YOU. 
  10. Create an Aspiration list of things you would like to do (sometime) but are neither important nor urgent. This gets it out of your head (ie clears the mind for priorities) and gives you something to review when you have time. Mine is currently 50 deep, and once every two weeks I move things up from that list and do them, when relevant


If this is really critical for you right now, buy “The One Thing” By Gary Keller (hardcover or audio) and prioritize finishing in the next month to supercharge this skill…or add to your new aspiration list. 🙂

Defeat Average today. 



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