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Go On a Listening Tour

Part 2

In her NY Times article and a part-time gig as work friend, Megan Greenwell writes about “How Your Job Will Never Love You Back.
Here are four buckets Megan puts most work anxiety into:

  1. My boss annoys me.
  2. My co-workers (usually millennials) annoy me.
  3. I am dissatisfied with the type of work I do and/or don’t know what to do next.
  4. I don’t actually have serious work problems but I am anxious about that.
Here are my thoughts on her four buckets in part two of the blog series:
My co-workers annoy me

It sounds like maybe you have not found your tribe. In his recent book, Trailblazer, Marc Benioff talks about how Salesforce is a value-centered organization. I have been here 14 years and I can tell you: Trust, Customer Success, Innovation and Growth have ebbed and flowed as our values year over year, with the recent addition of equality.

I would ask you, have you done the work to define your own strengths and values and overlayed those against the current role or company you inhabit?  When expectations and cultural fit are out of sync, anxiety tends to leak in.

I would spend time, getting to know yourself and come back to the situation with a fresh set of eyes. In addition, you may want to try and walk a mile in your co-worker’s shoes, getting to know them.

Go on a listening tour.

What does success look like for them this year?
What goals or objectives do they have you can help them achieve?
How do they think you could make a greater contribution to the team or company?

Pay it forward before you judge and you may be surprised with what comes back to you.

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