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Life is Like a NYC Marathon

In the spirit of all those runners who braved the course to run the NYC Marathon yesterday, this one is for you.
A Marathon is 26 miles.
Here is what I learned from the one I ran:
  • Don’t ride too high or too low. The less you mentally travel, the more energy you actually have for your legs.
  • When you hit a wall, small or big…and you will…get curious.
    • Ask, what is possible right now?
    • What is the learning opportunity?
    • What can I focus on in the next 5 minutes?
Visualize the race ahead of time, and like a good narrative, beginning, middle, and end. I only remember four things from the NYC Marathon I ran in 2003:

  • Beginning: Running across the Verrazano Bridge with 30K+ other runners and how it felt like it was moving
  • Middle: Being ahead of target time half way through
  • End: Hitting the wall with a mile to go and really grinding it out
  • Celebration: Enjoying dinner with other runners toasting the moment

If you think about it, with a year being 52 weeks and a marathon 26 miles, its a good analogy for life.

Write your narrative and chunk out your mile marker every couple weeks…and keep moving.

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