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I am busy and I am anxious

Part 4

“I don’t actually have serious work problems but I am anxious about that.”

I can recall through my career, my feelings Sunday when the weekend glow would start to end and the realization I had to go back to work the next week would start to set in.  Like the glow starting to dim after the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Two things I am going to address here:  I am busy and I am anxious.

Even if we like our job, we are often really busy, treading water trying to keep up. I noticed about a year ago, that when I asked people “how it’s going?” they would say “busy”.

It didn’t give me any information about what they were working on or how they were feeling, except that they may be overwhelmed.

It had me question, when I used that term (which I was often) how people left interactions with me??

I decided to do two things:

1. Be ready for the question

I share 2-3 things I am working on with the positive energy of why I was committed to those things in the first place. It reinforces my priorities!

2. Reflect Weekly

I reflect weekly on time periods I felt busy or anxious in the week and ask myself why?

  • Was my calendar out of balance?
  • Are their types of meetings that provide more anxiety than others?
  • What could I do each week with 1-2% changes that would slowly dissipate these feelings?
Remove the angst and focus on incremental learning for long term improvement.

Defeating Average.


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