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Preparation – Be there before you arrive 

My running coach in high school 20+ years ago said if you invest time visualizing your race, you will have a much better chance of success than if you don’t. 

I didn’t get it. Now I do. 

I would show up to each race and experience a few obstacles for the first time, trying to handle them in high-stress moments in races lasting 60 to 120 seconds where 1-2 seconds were the difference between success and failure. 

I finished 4th a lot!

Would visualizing have made the difference between 4th (you’ll get them next year!) and a medal? 

100 Percent

How does that apply to presenting in a meeting?

1.  Drilling your content like going to practice every day is table stakes. 

2. Testing yourself against different competitors will give you different feedback. Test your talk track and concepts through multiple people. 

3. Visualize the process. From when you arrive at the event, to the warm-up to the race (or meeting) to how you want to feel during and after. 

4. Define what success looks like

  • Ask yourself what obstacles or challenges may I encounter?
  • How will I handle them?
  • What does that look and sound like?

5. Have fun

  • Once the prep is done, reward yourself with something that brings you joy. 
  • Dial-in your morning routine to be your best self morning of. 

Ask yourself, why not me…and go crush it. 

It’s within you. 

Defeating Average. 


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