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Fill Your Confidence Jar

Missy Franklin on Finding Mastery

Missy Franklin, 5 time Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer in this great podcast episode shares how she overcame adversity and depression through injury in order to persevere on the world’s biggest stage.

In Missy words:

“It’s not about whether or not someone’s gone through more than you or whether or not someone’s lost more or gained more, it’s just about being human together and knowing that we all experience these emotions based on so many different things.”

What is one small and yet very powerful way she drives confidence?

A confidence jar.

After every good workout, she wrote herself one comment on how she performed and words of wisdom that would give her confidence in the future.  Before a big swim meet, she would sit down and read a number of comments from the jar.

How a champion thinks.  Genius.

Defeating Average.


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