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13 things mentally strong people don’t do

In 2012, I was traveling 80 miles on foot through the mountains in Mongolia with a new friend Tristan from Sweden. He was an experienced diver and runner and was tough as nails. He had a banged-up ankle, and I was feeling nauseous from dehydration.  I was relatively new into the sport and what I clearly remember was he was calm, deliberate, and positive.

I was riding the emotional roller coaster hour by hour and just trying to get by. What I had going for we my ability to breathe through the discomfort. I had trained for it.

Together we pushed and kept one another on track to finish the seven-day ultra-marathon.

Tristan was the leader and I was the young follower. 

Mental strength isn’t often reflected in what you do. It’s usually seen in what you don’t do. This was Tristan.

In her bestseller “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,psychotherapist and social worker Amy Morin wrote that developing mental strength is a “three-pronged approach.” It’s about controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Like physical health, mental toughness must be worked toward, Morin said. Knowing how to regulate your thoughts and control your emotions helps build mental toughness.

A great article on the 13 things that mentally strong people do not do, according to Morin.

Article – 13 things mentally strong people don’t do

Something to reflect on over the holiday as you plan for 2020.

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