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The Compass to Finding Your Next Gear

Continuing our conversation from last week, I was recently talking to a friend about teaching people to overcome tough obstacles.

If you read about Navy Seals training and experience they say “when you think you are done, you have 40% more left in the tank.” 

I experienced this in the desert running.

When you run a marathon a day for four days and still have 50 miles left to go, it’s a little bit of mental confusion and anguish.

You are anxious. Many questions and thoughts come into your head:

I am finished! This is tough, I can’t do this, this is crazy, how could they possibly think we could do this?

The challenge:

Crossing the chasm. How can I possibly get there?


Ask better questions.

Get Curious
Get Resourceful
Lean-to Action
Inspire yourself

Reflect: Wow this is really hard, what is the learning opportunity for me?  Life is hard and this is pushing me to the limit of my potential.

Get Curious: What is possible for me at this moment?

Get Resourceful: How do I chunk this out? What would (insert mentor) say if he/she were here?

Lean into Action: What can I commit to in the next hour, 30 min, 10 min or 5 min? If I can do that once, can I repeat that again? and again?

Inspire Yourself: What would I be capable of in the future if I can get this done?

Lastly, many of us worked together while out there to support one another to the finish line.

Find your tribe and win as a team.

Defeating Average.



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