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4 Ways to Keep Connected When You Work Remote + 1 More!

1. Build Trust – 58% percent of people say they trust a stranger more than they trust their own boss. Ugh.
Strategy – Learn about your employees or boss. 
  • Who is in their family, kids, dog, birthday?  Write it down to review monthly.  
  • Ask how their family and significant people are in their life at the start of weekly meetings.
2. Show appreciation
Strategy – Say Thank You, often!
  • Put reminders in your calendar to thank your employees throughout the year for choosing your company and you. They have choices.
  • Be specific in the feedback on what they did and how it helped you and the business.
3. Communicate well
Strategy – Be available to help coach them through situations, know their personal style on how they like to communicate best. 
  • Chat, email, phone. It took me a year to realize one of my employees much prefers a quick phone call!
  • What are the best times to reach them and not reach them when they are offline with family
4. Be vulnerable
Strategy – Be open up to mistakes and be comfortable asking for help
  • As my boss likes to say, no pride of authorship here. All ideas are welcome.
  • Psychological safety is in 1:1’s and in team meetings is proven to reduce stress and get more out of your team
5. Help your employees set up their inspiration/mentor system
Strategy – Help your employees find mentors and connect them with like-minded peers who will inspire them
  • I personally have two mentor conversations per week of people who are either more senior than me, at a similar level or junior to me.  You can either learn, team together or master your craft.
  • Teach them how to find and set up these conversations and it’s like an annuity of mentorship and inspiration over time.  Like a subscription.
  • Look for mentor opportunities everywhere you go. Podcasts, books, flights, vacations, they are out there if you are open to them.
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