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Crisis is Opportunity + 7 Recommendations

In turbulent times, having the right questions to ask yourself every morning is critical. This helps shift you into the right headspace.

What I am excited about today?
What could I be excited about today?
What am I grateful for?
What will bring me joy today?
What is possible?

As we all head into unprecedented times, we need to come together and support one another.
Your family, your neighbor, your community.

Top 7 Things I am thinking:

1. Prioritize – If it does not support my family, my friends, and community, my company, or bring me joy, I am cutting it out.

2. Rest / Recovery – With less movement and travel comes the opportunity to recharge. Sleep is where 90% of the body heals.  A good thing to be focused on right now.

3. Reconnect with your family – We are often “busy”. Now is the time to support one another, and where possible look eyeball to eyeball and help each other.

4. Breath – Whether being mindful or just slowing down and fully taking inbreathe, give yourself the opportunity to fuel your mind and concentrate on what is important. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

5. Get the basics and step away – There will be tons of news and media coverage on this health crisis.  Get the basics daily, for your family to be safe and then step away and something that brings you joy. Walk outside with social distance (6+ feet apart of people), get fresh air, read a book, listen to a podcast.

6. Have accountability partners – If you get anxious, know who you can turn to talk and bring calm to your life and slow you down. Support one another and check in daily.

7. Move with purpose – It’s easy to be sedentary in times like this. Don’t worry about getting a “full workout in” or that you can’t follow the normal routine. Get outside, use bodyweight or just take a long strong and appreciate what you have.

I would love to hear what others are thinking, please feel free if you have a few more minutes than usual to respond to me.

Defeating Average.


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