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7 Ways To Get Through Isolation

In the upcoming weeks, I will be focusing on writing on “crisis creates opportunity

With all of us a little more separated in the coming weeks, even the most positive of us can feel isolated or down.

What are the things that bring you joy?

In the past, I have written down things that bring me joy and sprinkled them in my schedule over the coming month.

I am doubling down on what brings me and my family joy.

Here is my list of 7. I encourage you to create yours.

1. Having an afternoon nap with the family

2. Playing on the floor with my daughter

3. Writing more blogs

4. Reading more pages of books than I have in the past couple of months

5. Speaking more to our neighbors and seeing how they are doing

6. Eating Banana Bread

7. Going on long walks outside with the family

Create your own list. Put it on your iPhone. Sprinkle it into the upcoming month.

Defeating Average in Crisis.


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