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Obstacles are the way

“The only way out is through.”

– Robert Frost

We have a rough road ahead. 

Prior to the Corona outbreak, we’ve just come through an intense couple of months at work. Something I took from my ultra-endurance races is “accepting the obstacles in front of me” weekly and thinking through solutions. 

Previously I would spin on the “what if things don’t go well” when they may not impact my critical priorities. 

I’ve answered this question weekly:

What are the obstacles to overcome this week?

  • Anxiety on preparing for a key meeting
  • Tough people conversations 
  • Getting all the content created for a presentation 
  • Our daughter not sleeping through the night 

Then I think through how to handle. 

The effect:

  • Reduces anxiety if the item goes sideways 
  • Outlines what is true and what is just a story in my head 
  • Keeps my thoughts focused on critical items 

When we visualize our way through the obstacles, we are halfway through. 

Stay safe, stay together. 

Defeating Average in crisis. 


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