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5 Ways to Crush Virtual Meetings 

Crisis is an opportunity.

In the virtual environment, we are now in for the next few weeks at least, virtual meetings will take center stage.

Here are four reminders on how to run your most impactful meetings and keep peoples attention.

1. Use Data

Stories are 22 more memorable than facts. Data is an attention grabber.  Follow it up with an insight of your own and then ask a question to drive a successful dialog just like news anchors

2. Story Telling

Stories activate parts in the brain that allow the listener to turn the story into their own ideas and experience.  If I said, I am going to start this meeting off with a story, pause and reflect on how that makes you feel.

3. Repeat Peoples Names

Bob, storytelling is 22 times more memorable than facts. I’ve often found that when I start a presentation with a story, people are more engaged. Bob, what has your experience been? 

4. Repeat You Key Messages 

People only remember 10% of what you present in a virtual presentation. You need to repeat your key messages throughout to drive that 10% home (Reference: Corporate Visions Training). 

Use Data, Tell Stories, Ask Questions, Repeat Peoples Names.

5. Stop Every 10 Minutes to Engage with the virtual audience

Science shows that people will disengage in a virtual meeting if you don’t grab their attention every 10 minutes at least.

  • You can ask them a question
  • Use a goto meeting, or Google Hangout or Zoom chat function to get engagement on questions
  • Show a visual and get input on what it means
In summary, Use Data, Tell Stories, Ask Questions, Repeat Peoples Names, and Engage the Audience Every 10 minutes.
Defeating Average in Crisis.

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