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The Next Gear You Need in This Crisis

Crisis Creates Opportunity

You have 40% more left in the tank. Right now. You Do. Trust Me.
Science proves it as well!

In 2013, I ran 45 miles over and through lava fields, a torrential downpour and along the North Atlantic Ocean to finish a 160-mile Ultra Marathon. After running 4 marathons back to back the previous 4 days, I was battered and bruised. My ankle was swollen and my spirits were down.

How did I make it through?

1. Taking it one step at a time, literally.
2. Having the support of amazing tent mates who pushed me up into that first step.
3. Using a mantra (Strong, Relaxed & Grateful), that I must have said 10,000 times
4. Believing I had another gear because I had seen it in others.

These are challenging times. I feel the weight of the moment. We all do.

Trust me, you have that next year. Guess what, there is another gear beyond that one too.

Once you find it, it never goes away.

Like driving a stick shift, and realizing one day, there is a 6th and 7th gear.

I know you have it.

How do you get there?

1. Have the courage to take the first step
2. Join your friends, family, and colleagues on this journey and help one another out. #BetterTogether
3. Define your own mantra for the moment.
4. Look to your mentors (in Public, in your community, in your family) and look for where they have done something hard.

Defeating Average in Crisis


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