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How to Normalize Through a Crisis

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“There is so much aversion to risk. We have to take risks if you want to learn anything about yourself. If you want to expand the self-imposed walls, you don’t have to climb Lhotse Face in the Himalayas in order to do it.”
– Hilaree Nelson, World-Class High Altitude Climber, and Skier

Three reasons to watch this mini-documentary when you have 23 minutes

  • Stunning filming in the Himalayas
  • Understanding how two people at the top of their sport approach perseverance and challenge
  • Hearing great narration from Jimmy Chin, who filmed Oscar-Winning Free Solo
I was watching this 23-minute Mini-Documentary Saturday morning while working out in my bedroom. A yoga mat, and a kettlebell in our small NYC apartment.

One of my new commitments is to get my workout in first thing in the morning, even if it’s shorter and not at full pace.

What I need in this environment right now, is sweat and the creative wisdom I get from a workout and in this case some motivation for playing the long game when we come out of this pandemic. Getting one thing done right first thing in the morning gives me momentum.

Sometimes when you can’t get one of the things you need the most (connection to nature), riding shotgun with one of the best in the world, will settle your restless spirit. We are all on a long journey and each day we have the opportunity to begin again.

How can you take a moment in this crisis and look at your self imposed walls and decide something you may change, when things normalize?

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