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What will they say when you die?

 I’m currently reading a great book called Wild Success by Kevin Vallely and Amy posey.  If you have an adventuress spirit, highly recommend.

Summarizing an anecdote below and exercise from the book called my attention this week. 

Prior to becoming one of the best ocean water rowers in the world, Roz Savage worked for a corporation for 15 years, when she answered this question.

What will people say when you die?

She wrote down two outcomes.

The first one would be the obituary she wanted to have. 

The second one was what she would have if she just kept doing what she was doing. 

You can take an example from this parable. 

There are three bricklayers in a yard and someone asks each of them what they are doing.

The first, answers, I am laying brick.

The second answer, I am building a church.

The third answer I am building the house of God.

One has a Job, one a career, and the third has a calling, his purpose. 

I encourage you to take on the exercise when you are in a motivated state 

Crisis creates an opportunity to slow down and reflect. 

Defeating Average.


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