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Establish A Ring of Fire Around your Priorities

When I started a new job function many years ago, I wanted to contribute to as many people as possible.  So I didn’t get overloaded, a leader and mentor helped me prioritize describing his advice in rings.

1. Take care of your team first
2. Then, take care of your customers
3. Take care of your region
4. Take care of the company

If you have any additional, time you can decide where to spend it. I rarely did.

It’s the same in this environment.

1. Take care of yourself first.
2. Take care of your family.
3. Take care of your extended family and friends
4. Take care of your colleagues and community

Like rings of fire around you, everything else is secondary.  These are challenging times.
Take care of yourself.

If all else fails, you are only 12 hours from starting fresh in the morning.


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