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3 Characteristics of Presidential Leadership That Will Make You Better

We had the pleasure of Salesforce board member General Colin Powell join our company all-hands call to give his perspective on the state of the world and talk about the characteristics of leaders from a Presidential perspective.

He focused on three areas:

1. Mental Flexibility
2. Self Discipline
3. Emotional Intelligence.

Mental Flexibility – The ability to be ready day to day to use different tools on how to positively respond to the situation at hand. To take in ideas and information from all levels of your team to come up with the path forward.

Self Discipline – Abraham Lincoln shared in his writing being able to control unproductive emotions was key to his success. Don’t let them fester he said, it does no one good to use them.

Emotional Intelligence – Lyndon Johson kept a list of things that didn’t go quite right every day and asked his team how they could do them better the next day.  He was always improving.

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