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How to let go of failure more quickly?

I was asked recently in one of my Defeating Average presentations how we can let go of failure more quickly?

It made me think of a recent video of saw of Jimmy Chin speaking (World famous climber, photographer, and cinematographer) who filmed Meru and Free Solo.

“Failure is not a permanent state. Embrace failure as a means to grow and move forward. I was able to apply all the lessons I learned on my failure on my first attempt on Everest to all future expeditions. That failure was key to my success.”

He needed to be humble enough to realize even though he was already a good climber, he could be better and had a lot to learn in order to be great.

Questions you can ask yourself when addressing a failure.

1. What is the learning opportunity?
2. What is great about this failure?
3. What is possible for me to learn because of it?
4. How can this help me grow 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now?

Failure and crisis create an opportunity to learn, grow, and find your next gear to be great.


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