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How your purpose will help you get through the struggle 

I’ve taken on a new mission.

To help 5,000 people in 2020 see this COVID Crisis as an opportunity. To provide strategies and tactics to build resilience and capacity, drive optimism daily, find their next gear, give you choice on how to navigate this environment.

Its an iteration on Defeating Average and I’m playing the long game to impact 1 Million people by the time I’m 60. 

I’ve presented to 6 groups in the last 6 weeks (400 people) on the mindset to take on this environment. 

In that spirit, today’s post is focusing on advocating for yourself.

 It starts the minute you wake up with the questions you ask yourself and the intention for the day. 

Five questions:

1. What are you excited about today?

2. What are you happy about?

3. What are you grateful for?

4. What is great about the obstacle in your way? 

5. What is your intention for the day (3-4 words)?

Science shows that asking questions like this for two weeks will have the impact stick with you for up to 6 months.
We need a maniacal focus in this environment.

Two questions to leave you with to help you find your mission:

1. How do you want to look back on how you showed up in 2020? 

2. What and who have you been in service of and what did you stand for in 2020? 

Defeating Average.


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