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7 Ways To Protect Your Mental Space

With the weight of the world on all of us these days you need to be a little selfish.

Create the space around yourself to insulate you and your family from stress. 


Think of creating a mental bubble around yourself, like your arms out wide and all the way around. Don’t let anything get into that space. 

  1. Keep the angst at bay by shutting down at home earlier than normal, TV off, devices off 
  2. Get more sleep than usual. Rule of thumb you get an hour less actual sleep than the time you get into bed. Add that to your calculation. 
  3. Do something that brings you joy every day. Make a list. Check it off 
  4. Journal each day. What went well, what could have gone better? Get your thoughts out of your head. 
  5. Partner with friends on zoom or text to keep the spirits up and things you each want to accomplish.
  6. Get outside for fresh air at least twice a day mask or not. Nature is the great recovery for the human spirit. 
  7. Take mindfulness or slow breathing breaks twice per day. Morning and night. Slow breath in and out will get your machine calibrated  


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