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How To Find A Mentor

I was speaking to a team recently and shared how I met many of my mentors through running and someone asked:
“How do you recommend finding mentors outside of work? Running seemed like a good avenue for you, but I’m curious if you know any other ways for non-runners.”
As I have got older I recognize that I offer to help those who either remind me of myself or who I see working extremely hard and paying it forward to other people.
In addition to running, in the past decade, I have taken squash lessons, Yoga classes, signed up for wine classes and thought leader evenings.
What did the people in these classes have in common?
They were learners. 
They were willing to go outside their comfort zone to meet new people, and they took the first step. 
I remember even feeling nervous going to some of these wine events, but once we got into it, I learned that the people there were similar to me. There were people there, senior, similar age, and junior to me, and as I got to know them, some become peers and mentors and others provided the path to meeting others.
I got curious, was genuinely interested in them, and asked good questions.
Like building a world championship team, key pieces are built one person one year at a time.
Play the long game.


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