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What I learned from James Cameron

I was watching James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival (on-line) this weekend.

They interviewed the pair talking about climate change and the impact of meat consumption on the environment. They have a program at a school they run that is called “One meal per day” and it’s focused on people eating one vegan meal per day.  Both to lessen the environmental impact and for a healthier diet for both children and adults.

It had me thinking about how “One meal per day” can help us think about morning routines and setting their “mental meal” for the day. 

What’s in your 15-minute mental meal?

Like a balanced meal of protein, carb, fat


  • 10 minutes of meditation (start with five if you are new to it) give your mental muscles that exercise it needs to get your brain prepared for the day
  • Calm, and headspace are get apps
  • Science shows that just 8 min per day change fiber in your brain to strengthen your resolve and increase your creativity 


  • Morning Questions + Gratitude
  • What are the healthy questions that get your mind centered for the day?
  • What am I excited about? What am I happy about? 
  • What am I grateful for?
  • Write it down!


  • What is your intention for the day?  
  • Why is this fat? Its something you could easily overlook as valuable but you don’t get a complete meal and healthy fat to support growth if you skip it
  • Think about it, write it down and put your feet on the ground with that intention.
  • Science shows going this for two weeks has an impact that will last with you for up to 6 months

Get out there. 

Defeat Average. 


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