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What can we learn from mountaineers?

Mountains have been here for millions of years. They are a picture of stability, calmness, shelter from the storm. At the same time, Mother Nature can make the path up a mountain slow, tedious, anxious, dangerous, even fatal.

What do the best mountaineers do?

  1. They prepare relentlessly with back up plans B, C, and D
  2. They ration supplies and are prepared to wait out the storm 
  3. They take calculated risks yet may stop a couple of hundred feet from the summit to live another day 
  4. They leverage the power of the team 
  5. They take the journey, one step, hour, and day at a time. 

We are going through trying times. We are all on the journey together. 

Don’t go it alone. Ask for help from guides who have navigated the storm before. 

Defeating Average. 


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