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Are you bargaining? 

I find myself each morning noting two things that will improve the quality of my day. Working on intaking only 20 minutes of social media in the evening and being in bed by 930pm to get a full night’s sleep. 


More than 20 min of social media reading gets me wrapped around the axle in this divisive environment and drives angst prior to sleep. I don’t sleep as well. 

Similar to bedtime. I need more sleep these days. I learned a few years ago to focus on managing my energy and not my time. 

Less energy = less quality of work and life enjoyment. 

Here the problem. I bargain with myself. 

Just 10 more minutes of either I say. 10 min turns into 20 or 30 minutes and affects my frame of mind. 

What’s the solution?

A seedling does not turn into a towering tree overnight. The roots need to grow down before it can rise up out of the earth. For each intention, I note setbacks and success and the impact it has on a daily mindset, and how it supports growing the rings of the tree.

I’m still experimenting and still learning and making progress. 

Defeating average. 


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