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Are you a chicken or a duck?

In this time of anxiety and adversity, we need leaders who build trust, are authentic and calm during the storm.

We are all feeling the pressure, angst and frustration.
I see two types of leaders at this moment.
The Chicken
  • They ride the emotional roller coaster and show it on their face
  • They are squawking at everyone and let them know they are feeling the pressure
  • They waste a lot of emotional energy
  • They have trouble attracting people to work for them
The Duck
  • They paddle hard under the water on solving problems and are calm on top of the water
  • They ask good questions and provide a safe space for brainstorming challenges
  • They focus on what they can control and waste less energy
  • They are a talent magnet
We’ve all had the moment where we are the chicken. It takes focus and practice to operate with grace.
Defeating Average.

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