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What does success look like for the back half of 2020?

A few months ago Tiger King was popular, we were all really frazzled & worried about the virus and our family’s health.
The virus is still here.  We are still anxious….and we are adapting.
In NYC, some things are returning to normal. We sat on two outdoor patios Friday and Saturday. It felt like a new normal.
We know a lot more than we did. We are stronger than we were and maybe than we thought.
Looking ahead 
What does success look like for you for the rest of 2020?
You may feel a little more room to breathe, have a few more windows of time to think. In those moments three questions to ask yourself?
1. What does success look like in 2020?
2. How do you want to look back on how you showed up?
3. What and who have you been in service of?
Can you commit to 10 min per day over the July long weekend to help find your way in the crisis?
You can do it.  We all can do it together.
Defeating Average.

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