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Pedal Power and the Fly Wheel

I heard a great description on my peloton ride the other day. 

“You get your power at three and five O’Clock as you push, not at six O’Clock.” 

Similar I thought, at nine and eleven on the clock when you pull up through (in clipped shoes).

To me, the three and five is like the momentum we get with the right daily practice (Breathe, Dream, Move) before we actually start our first meeting in the morning (like the six position on the clock). 

Without being mindful, setting your intention for the day, and moving the body to tap into your inner wisdom, you are starting the day cold. 

If you don’t warm the body and mind, you may miss the momentum to accelerate and spin the flywheel…through lunch, and the mid-afternoon doldrums.

You may need to resent and start from scratch.

An early afternoon mindful minute or getting outside for a walk and breath of fresh air, keeps the flywheel going. 

We are in this together. 

Defeating Average. 


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