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You are about to gain momentum

Have you ever started something you thought was going to be fun and exciting and all of sudden you lose interest or momentum?

I have. We all have. 

I had an attendee of a talk ask recently: 

“I used to be in really good shape and want to get back into the classes I took. Every time I think about getting started, I stall. How do you stick with it?”

Accountability, Acceptance, and Gaining Momentum. 

Everyone hits a pothole on the way to a goal or a full out wall. It’s ok. It’s how you recover and pull on the rope and climb over or walk around it. 

In order to keep committed to a goal (working out, doing yoga, painting, reading, or any other hobby) you need three things. 


  • DWYSYWD (do what you say you will do)
  • Have accountability partners that will keep you on target 
  • Action: Create an accountability texting group


  • Think through the obstacles you are going to encounter, visualize your way through and you will be halfway to your goal 
  • When things get hard, how will I push through?
  • Action: Answer question above


  • To get started now, email two friends on what you want to achieve and ask them to hold you accountable 
  • Action: Write down “why” this goal is important to you and have it handy for any time you get stuck. 

It takes a support team to achieve anything worthwhile. Leverage them. 

We are all in this together. 

Defeating Average.


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