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Let the piano keys do the talking

I was watching my wife play the piano with our daughter Tess recently. We were in Hyannis Port at a friend’s house. She hasn’t played in a while but it didn’t take her long to get reacquainted. She felt out the keys and then played something simple that Tess could try and follow along.

I’ve also seen her play beside people who play the Piano well and she plays at a more complex level. She has the feel and muscle memory based on the situation.

It had me thinking about how we lead people or how we lead without title.

When you play at the beginner level, putting two or three keys together,

you may use one skill in conversion.

You learn through practice different key combinations for another skill and soon you have options.

With much practice instead of thinking what key combination or skill am I going to use in this conversation, you look at the person in the eye, and listen to what they need.

Then you let your hands find the right keys for the moment, the right questions, seeking to understand and playing along with them.

We are better together.

Defeating Average.


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