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Every day is the same 

Many people have shared this sentiment. I feel it too.

We are all watching endless Netflix series, navigating the same challenges with our children, or missing connections with friends.

The world can feel kind of drab.

However, there has never been a more important year to stand for equality and to turn society around. To build that inner resilience for the winter that is coming…and the next time this virus rears its ugly head.

Times are tough. Tougher for some more than others.

If you are doing ok, reach down and help somebody out. It will feel good and they will appreciate it.

If you need a hand, reach up. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there.

Two questions for you.

What brings me energy?

What brings me life?

Sprinkle that into your days going forward.

Make every day full of the same life and energy.

We are better together.


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