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One step, One Day at a Time

30 min walking, sunlight on your arms and fresh air will get you going. 

I was talking to my trainer on Friday and I asked him how his clients were doing in the pandemic. He said those who usually push hard are slowing down and being more methodical. They are focusing on mindfulness, moving, and being grateful for what they have. 

His newer clients that are getting back into shape are focusing on foundational bodyweight exercises. In between workouts, he is recommending three things for them.

30 min walking / sunlight on the arms / breathing fresh air. 

Move, get nature’s energy, breath in, and tap into your frequency. 

I talked to a number of people who have been leveraging walking in the pandemic. Starting at 30 min a day and now they are up for an hour walk a day. Walking with family or taking business calls has been key to feeling energized and losing a few pounds. 


Set your time goal or the number of steps per day and increase 5 percent each week. You’ll get the energy you need to overcome inaction and anxiety 

Defeating Average.


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