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You are your own obstacle

The Biggest obstacle I ever faced was my own limited perception of myself.- RuPaul

My wife and I were watching Queer Eye Season 5 about the “anxiety activist.” It was about a young 18-year-old girl in college leading a climate change group called sunrise and the episode focused on anxiety. There is always an uplifting ending and in this time of division, we enjoy watching something positive.

I think we all limit our own potential at times comparing ourselves to others. How can we widen our lens?

A few questions I have found helpful:

1. What’s possible?

2. What brings me energy?

3. What brings me life?

4. What advice would my (add 20 years to age) self tell me to focus on?

Just like Abby in this episode, we all have HUGE potential and sometimes need others to help us see it.


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