(Image from Time Magazine)

There has been a flood of support honoring Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Especially in this time of divide, she was a shining example of courage, truth, and serving others.

In addition to that, she has been fighting for women’s rights and equality for decades. She has inspired millions of people.

Crisis creates opportunity.

It was never going to be easy to get this country back on track. 

In passing, she has left us a north star to aspire to. A responsibility to act. To vote.

Obstacles were coming in the next 60 days. There are more coming. How can you meet them as an unbreakable force?

With her example, what action will you take today and in the coming weeks to overcome obstacles and defeat average?

Like all the kind accolades for RBG in her passing, you deserve them to when you pass.

How do you want people to remember you when you die?

What would you like them to say about you?

Are you honoring those words and the path to get there?

Can someone like RBG or another person you admire be your north star?

Have a great week.


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