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How to build trust in meetings

Don’t waste people’s time. You will lose trust and it impacts your brand. 

In the last month, I have been talking to a number of leaders on how to run productive meetings. One thing they all agreed on was it’s never been more important to use people’s time well. 

People are stressed. They have less time. They need to focus on family and mental health. 

What is the criteria for good meeting management:

  1. Set clear meeting agendas 
  2. Be clear on why you are holding the meeting and why people are there (include in the meeting invite)
  3. Tell people what you will talk about ahead of time and what the outcome of the meeting should be 
  4. Run the meeting on time and have a call to action in the last 5 minutes 
  5. Respect people’s time and do not run over. If you make people late for their next meeting they will blame you. 🙂

Defeating Average in meetings. 


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