Defeating Average, Gratitude, Leadership, Success

Character, Empathy, Decency

There is a sea change upon us. It’s time to get back to civility and what’s possible instead of division and angst.

Kamala Harris breaking barriers as the first woman and woman of color in the White house!

Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Understanding that everyone is on their own journey with their own struggles. A large part of this country doesn’t feel like they have a voice or they are getting left behind.

Character Matters

What do you stand for and what are your values?
How do you want to look back on 2020 and how you showed up?


Deep listening and seeking to understand.
Are you open to other points of view?


Integrity, honor, and respect for others.

Joe may not be everyone’s choice.

Joe may not be perfect, but he’s perfect for this moment.

Defeating Average.


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