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Sleep is the new status symbol

In these times sleep has never been more important! We are all worn down, looking into screens or strained, each on our own personal journey.

Quoted from a great NY Times article “studies upon studies have shown how bad sleep weakens the immune system, impairs learning and memory, contributes to depression and other mood and mental disorders, as well as obesity, diabetes, cancer and an early death.”

“Sleep is the single most effective thing you can do to reset your brain and body,” Dr. Walker of U.C. Berkeley said. “We have a saying in medicine: What gets measured, gets managed.”

“I can see sleep being another weapon in competitive parenting and career-building,” Ms. Salzman said.

Some top reminders from a recent podcast appearance of Dr. Walker.

  • Reduce Blue light from all devices. Leave them out of the room or put in a drawer
  • Wear an eye mask to blackout light or use blackout blinds for your room
  • Wind down an hour before bed and turn off the TV
  • Read a book before bed
  • If you go to bed for 8 hours, you are most likely to get 7 hours.  Measuring with sleep apps will tell you exactly how much
  • Stop drinking water between 4-6 pm, small sips with dinner to prevent getting up during the night.
  • Eat three hours before bedtime. Your digestive system uses a ton of your body’s energy.


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Defeating Average in recharging the mind and body.




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