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Take the time to prioritize your day 

“To be like the rock that the waves crash over and eventually the ocean falls still around.”

– Marcus Aurelius
We are all getting whipsawed in the storm. Challenges with family, covid, homeschooling, lack of connection. It’s really hard! 
We spend 14-16 hours awake and often spend less than 10-15 minutes addressing how we will approach the day. 
Many top performers I talk to advise:
  • Win the morning
  • Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others 
  • Front-load the day
  • Be intentional on what you are committed to 
  • Be equally clear on what you are not 
If you don’t plan the day, the day will run you…all over the place.
I am off on PTO the rest of the week, recharging with the family!
Stay safe, wear a mask. 
Defeating average in crisis. 

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