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Habit-forming in 2021

I’ve been thinking of what I have learned in 2020. Many say it doesn’t feel like 2020
will end in a couple of weeks but it does!

It’s time to flip the calendar and look forward to 2021.

That includes taking stock of what we learned and how we grew in 2020. You have definitely grown! We all have.

Questions for you to ponder:

1. What was one thing that was challenging for you in 2020?
2. How did you meet that challenge and at least start to overcome it?
3. How can that serve and support you in 2021?
4. What is one thing you are most proud of in the last 12 months?
5. What would you like to be proud of by the end of 2021?

Lastly, thank you for being on the ride with me this year. I am going to pause over the holiday, reflect and create my 2021 habits and goals.

Defeating Average in gratitude.


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